Physical Therapy

River Parishes Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Outpatient therapy is provided at the River Parishes Hospital Physical Therapy building, located at 506 Rue de Santé in Laplace -- just minutes away from the hospital.

We offer a full-range of therapy services, including but not limited to: Balance Training, Post-operative Rehabilitation, Neurological/Stroke Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain Management, Gait Training, Arthritis Management and Pediatric Rehabilitation. We also offer comprehensive Return-to Work and injury prevention services, such as Functional Capacity Evaluations, Job-site Evaluations, Post-offer Testing and Work-Hardening services to meet each patient's individual needs.

Whether it’s at work, home or just doing the things you enjoy, our Physical Therapy program is designed to help you do the things you want and need to do. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (985) 651-1567.

We are excited to announce a new innovative technique that is now being performed in the Physical Therapy Department. The Graston Technique® uses instruments to allow the clinician to isolate adhesions and restrictions, and treat them very precisely. Since the metal surface of the instruments does not compress as do the fat pads of the finger, deeper restrictions can be accessed and treated. When explaining the properties of the instruments, it is often compared to a stethoscope in that a stethoscope amplifies what the human ear can hear, so do the instruments increase significantly what the human hands can feel. Benefits to the patient include: decreased overall time of treatment, faster rehabilitation/recovery, reduced need for anti-inflammatory medication, resolved chronic conditions previously thought to be permanent.Our Physical Therapy staff is caring and experienced. Together, they offer a broad range of treatment options that can help maximize your physical capabilities, enabling you to return to an active productive lifestyle. We pride ourselves on the variety of patients we are able to serve. Because we offer all three therapy disciplines, we can offer the most comprehensive interdisciplinary care for patients with neurological disorders and other debilitating conditions.

Our services include:

Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists are skilled in helping patients regain strength and flexibility in all parts of the body. We develop a course of treatment that analyzes your current condition, and assesses your lifestyle and physical requirements. Through the use of exercise, education and various modalities, we manage painful and limiting conditions to allow progression to optimum function.

Speech Therapy
River Parishes Hospital is proud to have a Speech Therapist who is Vital-Stim certified. This cutting edge treatment helps patients regain the ability to swallow after injury or illness. Our therapists also treat: Stuttering, articulation disorders, language disorders, aphasia, voice disorders, cognitive disorders and assessment for augmentative communication devices.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy focuses on enabling patients to participate in their activities of daily living (ADLs) at the highest possible level, following an accident, injury or developmental delay. Our Occupational Therapists provide specialized care for injuries to the hand, wrist or elbow and fabrication of devices to expedite recovery.