Mission & Vision

Central to the mission of River Parishes Hospital is our commitment to excellence in serving patients: from providing an aesthetically pleasing environ-ment to ensuring quality in medical care. Every employee receives customer service training and personally pledges to put our patients' needs first.

You'll notice when you enter our front door, that we take pride in providing a safe and secure environ-ment for our patients. Every patient is entitled to privacy during their stay at the hospital and continued confidentiality about all medical information.

High Five Philosophy
  • Delivering high quality patient care
  • Supporting physicians
  • Creating excellent workplaces for our employees
  • Providing community value
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility
Principles - We are committed to providing healthcare services that patients recommend to families and friends, physicians refer to their patients, purchasers select for their clients, employees are proud of, and investors seek for long-term results. We will realize this vision through our commitment to the following principles:

Customer Service - We will provide timely, professional, effective and efficient service to all of our customer groups.

Continuous Improvement in Measurable Ways - We will identify the key needs of our customers, assess how well we meet those needs, continuously improve our services, and measure our progress.

Employee Development - We understand that the professionalism and drive of our people are the most important factors in the quality of the service River Parishes Hospital provides. We will hire talented people, increase their skills through training and experience, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth within the company.

Ethical and Fair Treatment of All - We are committed to forming relationships of fairness and trust with our patients, purchasers of our services, and our employees. We will conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards.

Teamwork - We will work together to provide ever-improving customer service. This team approach to our work will supersede traditional departmental organization and create a true customer focus. People at all levels of the organization will participate in decision-making and process improvement.

Compassion - We will never lose sight of the fact that we provide care and comfort to people in need. The patients and families that rely upon us are fellow human beings and they will receive respectful and dignified treatment from all of our people at all times.

Innovation in Service Delivery - We will invest in the development of new and better ways of delivering our services.